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Reopening measures and protocols in Platinum Yucatan Princess

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Princess Hotels & Resorts – COVID19

At Princess Hotels & Resorts our main priority is the health, safety, and well-being of our guests and employees. For this reason, we are complying strictly with the World Health Organization and the relevant authorities guidelines on the evolution of the coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide.

Given the exceptional circumstances, we would like to apologize for the inconvenience this health crisis may cause you or your loved ones.

Cancellation policy – CARIBE

If you have an active reservation in one of our Caribbean hotels until December 22, we have decided that all reservations may be cancelled at no extra cost, or you can choose to postpone the dates of travel and this can be done without penalty until December 23, 2021.

In the event that the change of dates is a higher rate, said difference must be assumed by the client.

Please contact directly with us at : [email protected] if you have made your reservation at,

Book easy and travel without problems – Free cancellation policy

At this time it is very difficult to make travel plans, but we want to help you:

Princess Hotels & Resorts for the hotels of the Dominican Republic and Mexico, all new reservations made in the future with the “Pay at the hotel” rate will be protected without any penalty being applied to the eventual change of dates of said reservations or cancellation of these, although in the event that the change of dates implied a higher rate, said difference should be assumed by the client.

Thank you.

Information regarding prevention measures in Mexico and Punta Cana prior to tourist departures to their country of origin Download pdf

Princes Hotels

In 2021, some countries have introduced a requirement for their nationals to present a negative Covid-19 Coronavirus viral test in order to authorise entry back to their country of origin. As you will surely already know, among the various contagion prevention measures adopted by the different countries, there is the increase in the demand for COVID-19 tests upon the arrival of travelers to their countries of origin. In a special way, and with effect from next January 26, 2021, the Government of the United States of America, through its Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have established the requirement of a negative COVID-19 viral test to be able to board flights to that country.

Given the previous and in order to reduce the inconvenience this said requirement would entail for the guest and traveler, and to facilitate their compliance, at Princess Hotels we have made agreements with hospital centers in order to facilitate the realization of said tests, thereby reducing the inconveniences for our guests. With this communication, we inform you about the guidelines and processes that, until April 30, 2021, will be followed in our Caribbean establishments (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC and MEXICO), even though they may be extended later if the circumstances so determine.

The antigen tests will be carried out within the facilities of our hotels, and will be carried out by health professionals contracted by Princess Hotels. The good news is that guests would not have to go to external hospitals, thus avoiding travel, worries, wasting time, and thus allowing the maximum enjoyment of their well-deserved vacations! The tests will be carried out in a specific area of the hotel, specially prepared with specialized material and personnel, and the guests will only have to schedule it on arrival with the Guest Service department, for it to be carried out before their departure . To do this, they should take into account that the results of these antigen tests will be obtained in approximately 3 hours, from their realization.

The realization of the antigen tests for the guests will have a reduced cost agreed with the hospital center, of which they will be informed in due course. However, it will have no cost for guests staying at our hotel in the Dominican Republic provided that upon departure they are boarding flights to the United States of America. This special benefit is due to the determined commitment of the Dominican government, who have agreed to subsidize the test material, together with the effort of Princess Hotels to undertake the realization of said tests, through concerted health professionals.

For guests traveling to countries that do not accept antigen tests and that require a PCR test, the Guest Service department of our hotels will help them coordinate and facilitate the realization of such tests with external providers, outside the hotel premises. For this, they will be provided with a list of places where the tests can be carried out, outside the facilities, as well as the rest of the information they require, the cost being at their expense.

Despite the above, we also inform you that we are currently continuing to negotiate the possibility that finally the PCR tests can also be carried out in our hotels, something that has not yet been confirmed, but we do hope that this can be achieved. Likewise, in the event that any guest would like to organise the antigen test or the PCR test outside the hotel facilities, with an external provider, the transfer and the cost of the same will be at his / her expense. In the same way, since the results of the PCR tests can take between 48 and 72 hours, guests will be requested to contact Guest Service on the day of arrival at the hotel, to schedule an appointment and avoid inconveniences in conducting the tests and obtaining the results. With the firm hope that all of the above will make things easier and help you have the best vacations possible, we send you a warm embrace!!!

We recommend all tourists download the Guest Assist application of the Ministry of Tourism, created to help tourists visiting the state of Quintana Roo. The application is free to download and is available on iOS and Android. It contains important information about COVID-19 and can also put tourists in contact with a call center that is available 24/7.



Protection measures against Covid-19

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  • Daily control of the health status of our collaborators. Their temperature will be taken several times a day and a disinfection protocol will be implemented upon admission.
  • Temperature control for all guests at check-in.
  • Disinfection of guests’ suitcases and shoes before entering the lobby.
  • Daily disinfection of public areas (bars, restaurants, theaters, etc.).
  • Disinfection of guest transport vehicles, three times a day.
  • Cleaning of the air conditioners ventilation filters will be increased.
  • Control and disinfection process of all purchases with specific protocols.
  • Enabling of a special area to serve guests with related symptoms. 24 hours medical assistance at the hotel.
  • Placement of disinfecting gels at strategic points, in common areas, and at the entrance of each consumption center.
  • In the Reception / Check-in area, partitions will be installed for distancing and the recommended distances will be marked.
  • Each counter will have disinfectant gel, which must be used in each attendance, both by the guest and the collaborator.
  • More counters will be enabled in cases of massive check-ins, as well as specific counters for pre-check-ins.
  • During check-in, the guest will be given a document with the safety and hygiene regulations that are being implemented.
  • Controls of the physical state of our guests will be made through calls.
  • Rooms will be completely disinfected at the departure of the guests, using specific protocols.
  • All linens in the rooms will be treated at high temperatures to ensure disinfection.
  • Daily deep cleaning with specialized products.
  • Maids will use specific protection protocols.
  • Personnel access, be it room-service, minibar replacement, maintenance or others, will only be allowed if requested by the guest, and with all relevant protection measures.
  • Hand sanitizing gel will be placed at the entrance of each restaurant, its use being compulsory for both guests and hotel staff.
  • In the buffet areas, part of the food will be portioned and the rest will be served by our staff, as well as drinks.
  • The separation distance between tables will be extended, and these can be occupied by a maximum of 4 people. In addition, there will be a limited capacity in the areas (restaurants, bars, theater, trains, etc.).
  • For each service, the table will be disinfected carefully and single-use cloth, tablecloths and napkins will be used.
  • Specific protocols will be applied to guarantee the cleanliness of cutlery and food equipment.
  • The restaurant menus will be sanitized after each use by our guests.
  • Social distancing in pools and beaches will be maintained.
  • Daily cleaning of lounge chairs and Balinese beds.
  • Intensification of controls in the chlorination levels of swimming pools and lakes.

In addition to these protection measures, we will follow the recommendations and procedures of the O.M.S., Government Health Authorities and Health Programs of external companies for greater control and security of our guests.